QC Beautiful hairstyles for thin hair

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    Beautiful hairstyles for thin hair
    There is a rule you should remember, the longer the Vietnam hair is, the thinner it will look. So the most effective way to get a good looking hair is not to have your hair too long and in this case, bob or lob is the ideal choice. And your bob / lob hair will look thick when cutting. If you are still unhappy with the thickness of the natural bob / lob hair, try frizz or bending.
    Pixie hair

    Pixie hair can be facial but it is one of the hairstyles that can help your thin hair look thicker. That is not to mention that it can also “lift” for your appearance, make you look very personal and stylish. To keep the form and puffiness of your pixie hair, take a few minutes to wax or mousse your hair before going out.
    Layered lob haircut
    If you feel your lob tail is slightly rough, you can curly hair choose a thin layer of lob hair. But remember, layers can make your hair look softer, more flexible but super double drawn hair it also has the “texture” that makes your hair look thinner, so please remind haircutters that you just want some light layers. In addition, the hair tail should be trimmed instead of staggered
    Side fishtail braid
    If you are looking for a feminine Vietnam human hair that is so gentle, then side fishtail braid is definitely a perfect choice. You need a normal braid from the long bangs to the hair on the nape. From the back of your hair, tuck the hair in the tail of the fish to the end of your hair and tie them together with the elastic band. Do not forget to spray a glue to keep this hair fancy
    Pull-through Braid
    As a gentle autumn wind, pull-through braid is suitable for ladies of all ages, just as you own a little hair. The steps are also very simple by drying the curls into the folds and plaid normally to one side. After the feast is over, loosen curls of the braids so that they will let hair straight down naturally on your shoulders
    Small bun braid
    Small curls of hair combined with bun hair style will fit to the hairstyles of the dream party. You need to separate the lock of the hair near the ears and nape and then part of this hair into small curls. Pack your hair as you like and then turn the curls of hair to the opposite side to help fix the curls. This kind of festival requires you to have long hair on your back
    Short Braid
    No one can deny the girls who own short hair can not be more graceful with the short braid. Only with glue, combs and toothpicks are enough for you to create beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Wrap the hair from the bangs until the length of the hair is gone and used a spray to fix the lock of the hair that is not disorder
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