DigiDNA DiskAid 5.48

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    DigiDNA DiskAid 5.48 | 4.5 Mb

    DiskAid is a tool for PC and Mac which enables the use of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as an external mass storage device. DiskAid gives access to the device’s file system, transfers text messages (SMS) to computer, allows to copy, edit or rename files and folders on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch directly from the desktop. Using a USB connection, it is the safest and most reliable way to access device’s files and folders. Used with FileApp or FileApp Pro transfered files and documents can easily being accessed on the device.

    • USB file transfer
    • Copy Files & Folders between your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and your Computer
    • Transfer Text Messages (SMS) from iPhone to Computer
    • View files on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with FileApp & FileApp Pro
    • Automatic applications and folder discovery
    • File Sharing support with all compatible applications on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
    • PC Windows (XP, Vista, 7) & Mac OS X (Leopard, Snow Leopard) compatibility
    • Supports iPhone V1, 3G, 3G S and 4!
    • Supports iPod Touch V1, V2 and V3!
    • Supports iPad!
    • Auto detection feature, just plugin it in !
    • Files and Folders Browser
    • Drag & Drop files and folders
    • Double click on files for quick view (launches appropriate application)
    • Device’s free memory displayed
    • Create shortcut to any file or folder
    • Feature rich file organization including internal move, folder creation, renaming… etc.
    • File & Folder information window
    • Access any application supporting File Sharing
    • No jailbreak needed (except for Root folder access)
    • Supports iTunes 10
    • Supported iPhone OS versions : 3.0 to 3.2, iOS 4.x
    • New: iOS 4 compatible

    Full support for iOS 7
    DiskAid 6 Windows is coming very soon :)


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