Explore the culinary traditions of Germany

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    Besides the castle magnificent, ancient cities, Germany also owns a unique cuisine. This has attracted travelers looking to explore the natural scenery and enjoy the unique cuisine of drinks this country.

    German meals are often a combination of many spices marinated meat, salted fish served with vegetables and popular drink is wine or beer. If you came to this country, tourists should one enjoy the traditional cuisine of the German people, to make sure visitors will not help admiring and love interest. Read more: http://goo.gl/RqN2zO

    German sausages

    Comes to traditional German dishes must first mention the German sausage. German sausage called Wurst. This is considered a traditional dish and is present in all of the German meals. There are over 200 types of sausage made from veal, pork, pig brain, mustard, spices and curry powder. German sausages diversity and richness of flavor for each different region has its own sausage recipes with a special taste. Therefore, while in Germany, visitors do not miss the opportunity to enjoy some delicious sausages of this country.


    Traditional dishes are followed by meatballs (Bouletten). Guests will easily find this dish all over Germany, but the flavor meatballs were rated the most unique and delicious meatballs are in Berlin and Frukadellen or Fleischkloesschen. This dish is quite simple with the main raw material is washed mince member, breaded and then taken outside crispy. This dish is served with an egg, soft bread, with sauce and mustard. Like Hamburger, Meatballs is the most popular fast food in Berlin.

    Berliner Weisse

    This is one of the traditional drink of the Germans. Berliner Weisse is a light beer taste sour. Therefore, it is often sour preparation with some fruit flavor or in combination with one another to regulate beer sour. Guests will easily find these drinks at all restaurants in Germany. This is very easy to drink and enjoy the taste of many people. With alcohol concentration is only about 3%, certainly travelers should not miss Berliner Weisse to dine in Germany.
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