QC How to distinguish wigs from real hair and wigs from synthetic silk

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    How to distinguish wigs from real hair and wigs from synthetic silk
    Most women who buy wigs often mistake wigs from real hair and wigs from synthetic silk that cause undue damage. So how to distinguish from real hair and wigs from synthetic silk?
    • Particularly for the weather response, synthetic silk wig is superior, smooth. In contrast, wigs from real hair, they also have the changes such as tangled, broken tops according to environmental conditions, weather.
    • In terms of natural looking hard to Vietnam Remy Hair recognize but the hair from real hair still feels more comfortable for the user. Note, the wig hair from the hair is very easy to break when using hot water so you should be clean properly. Wigs from real hair need to be preserved, careful care and synthetic silk wigs are almost no need, care simplely.
    • You can also distinguish these two wigs by weight, wigs from Vietnamese human hair extension are heavier than hair made from synthetic silk. Finally, wigs made from real hair make hair styling very difficult to have the support of experienced experts and synthetic silk wig is easier to create folds.
    • is considered as a girl should always be interested, pampered and gentle so how to troubleshoot the hair. After using the wig, hair will be most tangled products made of artificial silk, if you do not know how to brush the hair will fall out.
    • First, separate each tangled hair by hand to restrict Vietnam hair loss or loss. You always remember the principle of combing and debugging the wig from the bottom up, if going from the top down will make the tail curl more tangled. Debugging also requires patience, so you can not rush. After deb
    • Put the shampoo in the water pot diluted.
    • Give the wig after debugging and smoothing into the pot to soak for 5 to 10 minutes (just soak it without using your hair, because it will mess up the hair).
    • After soaking with shampoo, rinse with water.
    • Continue to drain the diluted pot. Soak your hair with shampoo and rinse with water. You should use a special conditioner for wigs with high hair conditioner to help restore hair.
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