How to use clip-ins?

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    How to use clip-ins?
    Step 1. Start with clean hair
    Everything you do with your hair, you should make sure that your hair is clean enough. Any oiliness at the roots may make it difficult to secure your clip-ins comfortably. Check your hair extension also, it could be tangle during shipping to you, so detangling your hair extension is necessary.
    Step 2. Sectioning your hair
    This step could be applied for many hair colour trend styles. You should start to divide your hair into 4 section, from ear to ear and front head and back part. You can use your little fingers or the comb to section
    nce your first clip is secure, attach the natural color side clips as close to your face as possible, making sure there is no bunching along the weft. Take a smaller 4 clips weft and brush it to detangle it first. Find the centre of your head and clip in the middle two clips into the roots of your hair first, and then follow by clipping in the side clips. Make sure there are no bumps in the weft by slightly stretching the weft to the sides when you’re clipping in the middle clips.
    Remember the section is from ear to ear? Separate how to use clip ins them and clip away the rest of the hair. Take the largest 4 clip weft. Brush it out to make sure no tangle left and measure it against your head to make sure it fits. Clip in the middle two clips in the middle of the sectioned hair and continue by clipping in the side clips.

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