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    Located in the center of the tropical Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is an archipelago of 132 small islands. It’s like a long pearl chain 2,450 kilometers from northwest to southeast pull of the Pacific. This is considered a tourist paradise of the world.

    The islands have an area of 1.67 million km2, of which 8 is the largest island of Hawaii, Wahu, Kaoai, NIHAO, Maluokai, Lanai and Rahuoaolawui. Going from the west coast of North America to Australia, New Zealand or from the Panama Canal to the Far East must pass through here. Due to such an important position, it became an important place of water transport and air routes in the Pacific region. Wahu Pearl Harbor on the island is an important base of the US Navy and Air Force. In 1941, there occurred “Pearl Harbor event” shocked the world, Places To Visit

    Hawaiian Islands Land formerly residence of Polynesia . 1778 , British navigator , Captain Cook , has set foot here . Since then , the migration of European and Asian countries have in turn come to this place to live . In 1795 , the leader of this land was conquered Kahamihayishi residents on the island and in 1810 , established the Kingdom of Hawaii . In 1898 , the islands were occupied by the United States . By 1900 , Hawaii became part of the United States and in 1959 became the 50th state .


    Although located in the tropics, but due to the location in the heart of Hawaii’s tropical should be regulated by the maritime climate, cool seasons. The average temperature in the capital city of Honolulu coldest month is 22 ° C and the hottest month is 36 degrees C. Also the temperature at 14 degrees Celsius down to the island In the mountains there are many similar climates against the cold. In winter, white snow on the mountain. 4-5 months each year freeze. On the island, light harmony, healthy climate, lush vegetation, tropical plants growing racing. It’s also a popular tourist area, with many wonders of the volcano and beautiful landscape of tropical beach. Each year, more than 3 million visitors come to Hawaii to profit from tourism became the main source of income of the economy of this region. To be consistent with the development of tourism, tourist attractions on each island were built many hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and modern amusement parks with complete infrastructure, Places To Visit

    The most spectacular sight in Hawaii’s volcanoes are active. The majority of the island is formed by the development of the volcano. The largest area of the island of Hawaii by 5 volcanoes also formed. The shape of the volcano bears distinctive character, unlike Mount Fuji in Japan, which only take the cosh knob long round, small slope. Maonaluoa volcano with height above sea level is 4169 m and 1247 m mountain is Jilawuigui. This is an active volcano is well known. Maonaluoa volcano spewed more than 200 years, 35 times, there is volcanic activity Jilawuigui throughout the year. Diameter volcano estimated 1 km. At operation, the lava from the volcano eruption, the heat of the lava spray straight up into the sky, the red staining region. Lava spills out like freshly baked steel, Places To Visit flowing down the mountainside down, nothing could have stopped. Very magnificent spectacle. In 1912, the United States established the volcano observatory in the world first, and then build the volcano national park. Each time the active volcano, people flocked here to enjoy a magnificent natural wonder.
    “Polynesian Cultural Center” Wahu Island is where most poetic of the Hawaiian Islands, as many attractions most tourists. Polynesians reside here. Therefore, this cultural center is representative of their ancient culture. The atmosphere here is great, the design is not duplicated. Some artificial lakes winding twisty cleverly divided into 7 where entire villages page: Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, Tangsu, Daxiti, Makesas …, representing 7 different cultures of Polynesia. Each village was built according to the traditional customs of the residents here: Home made from grass, between villages with artificial rivers connected. The difference of the creation of architectural styles reflects character of the culture of this place. Cultural Center is a place to reflect the quintessence of Polynesian culture. The enthusiastic dance, Places To Visit lively music has done well the riveting. The cultural performances were recreated synthetic life ancient traditions of Polynesia.

    Yuchang beach where activities usually take place attractive to tourists vacation in Hawaii . Wahu Island beach is a beach Huanda and famous windsurfing world. Huajiji most famous beaches with golden sand and rolling waves continuously ever white . Far away is the blue sky ,Places To Visit white clouds floating like putting the soul into the dream . On the beach , people wear all kinds of swimsuit , relaxing eyes closed ; while others are drowning under water and some surfing

    Pearl Harbor Other world famous beach away Huajiji . It is located in the southern capital of Honolulu , is a great natural harbor in the continent behind . ” Pearl Harbor Event ” shocked the world took place here . Early on 12.7.1942 (local time ) , the Japanese naval raid on Pearl Harbor. Aircraft Fleet and US counter-attack should not keep 188 aircraft destroyed , engulfed and damaged 20 warships , more than 3,000 injured and dead people. From that day , the United States declared war on Japan and the Pacific war broke out.
    Today, part of the Pearl Harbor opened to tourists . The Americans built there a giant stele to commemorate the soldiers who died at Pearl Harbor. Memorial is an original architectural shape ,Places To Visit white , built on a floating raft , below is a major warship was named Alisanna Japan defeated that year. Gallery has exhibited memorial battleship and name of the person who died in that attack . Radio constantly emit the advertisement , fast breathing of broadcasters and relevant information as to remind people always remember this historical tragedy
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