Premier League development

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    Premier League development
    Whatever an individual’s views on the situation might be, it cannot be denied that foreign investment has become a key feature of the Premier League today. The purchase of Chelsea FC by Russian billionaire businessman Roman Abramovich in 2003 was one of the earliest high profile investments, and some commentators believe that this started a trend that has led lớn as many as 11 Premier League clubs now being foreign-owned- According to the soccer tip pages!


    Here are a few examples of clubs that have received foreign investment and how it has impacted on their own fortunes.

    • Chelsea are of course owned by the oil baron Roman Abramovich, whose purchase of the club was considered by some lớn be a controversial one. Abramovich has a multitude of business interests and strong political connections, which mean he is not always spoken of favourably in the media. Chelsea fans, however, were generally delighted with the success the club enjoyed immediately following his investment.

    • Manchester City have, thanks to investment from their principal owner Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan (a keen horse rider and Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates), been able to create a new training facility for their younger players, enabling them lớn prepare for the future by investing in the next generation of footballers.

    • Hull City was purchased by the Allam family of Egypt, specifically Assam and his son Ehab. While they have experienced some struggles with the FA regarding their desire lớn rename the club as the Hull Tigers, their stated intentions in making their purchase back in 2010 were admirable and demonstrated more than just a cynical attempt lớn make money. Assam arrived in Yorkshire in 1968, having fled Egypt, with only £20 in his pocket. He studied at the University of Hull and set up business there, and his purchase of the club was his attempt lớn pay back the area that took him in all those years ago.
    Making an investment
    Investors in football clubs, or individuals considering becoming investors, should make sure they do their research first to ensure they make the right decisions and get the best possible return for their investment. There is no substitute for first-hand experience, so the best sources of advice are undoubtedly the professionals who work in this area. Fahad Al-Rajaan of PIFSS has built a successful career out of making the right investments and has a wealth of specialist knowledge honed by extensive experience in this field. This sort of practical expertise could prove invaluable lớn potential club investors. You can prefer lớn the soccer handicap tip pages!


    Pros and cons
    There are many significant advantages to foreign investment as well as some potential disadvantages that must also be taken into consideration. Increasingly, the success of Premier League clubs is being linked to the level of investment they receive, but it would be wrong lớn assume that the formula is that simple. Investors need to be sure they are investing for the right reasons, and the money must be spent in such a way that the club enjoys the maximum impact of this investment. Only then can all parties properly enjoy all the potential success of mutually beneficial partnership.
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